what is this?

Have you ever wanted to ask for "milk" to be answered "lactation", "casein", "cheese", "yoghurt" and anything related with "milk"?

Do you want to get basical concepts related with "horse" (like "hippodrome", "gallop", "riding", "equitation", etc), just giving the term "horse" it self?

There is a lot of information in a simple dictionary. An hypertextual dictionary approach will help you a great deal, saving time in searchs. But it is not a complete solution.

A dictionary with sinonyms, antonyms, related terms and concepts, meanings, examples of use, etc. has a lot of information to bring; but, who will find it for you?

This heuristic algorithm at what---is.com is a prooved solution for those who realy want to increase their language skills and vocabulary excellence.

Nevertheless teachers and students of all levels are main users of such a tool, it is provided for many and diferent possible uses and users.


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